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There are many factors that can attract guests to a Bed and Breakfast style of hotel accommodation. While the reasons could be plenty, the competition is tough for the smaller players with small and mid-sized hotels being preferred by a majority of travelers.

A B&B is a small establishment and often includes the hosts who greet the guests on a personal level. Or, it can also be managed by a professional team in case of a slightly larger accommodation. Bed and Breakfast comes equipped with luxury suites, home with private bedrooms and attached bathrooms and in some cases, these include a great number of amenities to match the bigger names in the hotel industry.

Understand Feedback and Respond Accordingly

A good number of travelers often leave hotel reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor. This is the most important place online to read what your guests have to say. Try to get a complete grasp of the details. Positive reviews as well as poor reviews, both should hold equal weightage. Spend time to respond to both kinds of reviews. Always remember to respond politely to agitated guests and try to resolve the problem online. Offer to follow-up and sort out the problem to maintain a good relation with the guest. This will display a professional attitude to new travelers who are browsing the review site in search of a perfect hotel. As a B&B manager, you can use this situation to get more referrals.

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